Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning service

New German technology has now created Emmi-pet version 2.0!  One of the safest way to main good oral hygien. 

How does Emmi-pet work

The Emmi-pet's ultrasound waves are transmitted via each wet toothbrush bristle to the toothpaste, creating millions of micro-bubbles that penetrate deep below the gumline & into the smallest gaps between the teeth & gum pockets. Bacteria, food remains, plaque & “dog breath” are removed.

Benefits of Emmi-Pet 

  • No Anaesthetic Necessary
  • Does not require any brushing or abrasive action
  • Combat against Gingivitis and Periodontitis
  • Fix Bad Breath
  • Combat against Oral Cavity Diseases
  • Fight Tartar Build Up
  • Vibrationless as well as Motionless
  • Certified as an Animal Protection Oriented Product

Clients Results 

* Please note results will vary between clients depending on plaque build up and dog’s behaviour 

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