Professional Mobile Dog Groomer

Barking Bath is passionate about dogs and their welfare. Our aim is to make you and your pet feel comfortable, at ease with the grooming process, to reassure that your pet is in safe, secure, comfortable and trusting hands. 

We want to provide our best service with all breeds, elderly, adults and puppies alike. We are a one to one grooming experience with only one dog in the van at any given time. We do not use any crates or drying cabinets. All appointments are booked over the phone with a deposit taken and services will provide at your home address. There is no mess for you as the van is a fully converted dog grooming salon on wheels! We do require a legal parking space and access to one main plug socket. 

Qualifications include iPet Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management, Canine First Aid, Level 3 Diploma in Animal Care and Management, Level 2 in Business Administration.

Who We Are

Qualified groomer and motivated professional individual 

Tia Bradley

I am the owner of Barking Bath which was founded in 2022. I have been working at a busy dog grooming salon for 4 years before qualifying as a dog groomer. I have always had a passion to work with dogs and currently have a dog of my own. I have been grooming since 2021, providing a professional and reliable service that dog owners can trust and depend on. I have an understanding of dogs welfare and needs by complying the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and can accommodate customer requests for grooming. My goal is to provide an outstanding service and excellent customer care to build a successful and thriving business. 

Our Van

Our van is top of the range dog grooming van converted by the UK's leading pet grooming  van conversion specialists. The conversion is built from long lasting quality materials, providing both the groomer and the animal a totally safe and enjoyable working environment. Having a spray-head hydro shower gives us the capability to stimulate skin by soft spray massaging water release. This not only gives you the most effective wash but it also provides a therapeutic water massage for the dog. Increasing blood circulation, relieving tired muscles and has been found to benefit senior dogs where arthritis is present. we carry our own water so do not need access to a outside tap. We do REQUIRE access to 1 main plug socket for electricity however with a 25m cable, we are able to plug into the house if a outside socket isn’t available. 

Benefits of mobile dog grooming:

- With our mobile dog grooming van, we go to the client's location. This avoids all the hassle of you having to transport your pet into the car, bring it across to the salon and then repeat on the way home. Your car stays clean, your pets stay less stressed and it minimises your client’s to-do list.

- Clients love knowing their pet is just out the front of their house being pampered, their dog has lessened anxiety as it knows its home and this increases the overall quality of the groom.

- Because we pay sole attention to one dog at a time, it reduces the noise, smell and overall levels of discomfort that salon grooming can bring.By having the same groomer each time your pet will take comfort in the familiarity of the groomer and bemore relaxed.

- By having the state of the art equipment in pet grooming, the high velocity dryer gets drying jobs done quickly. This can also help de-shed a dog, increasing health benefits.

Opening Hours

  • Mon – Fri
    • 08:00 am – 07:30 pm
  • Sat – Sun
    • Closed

Area's Covered

Annesley · Newstead · Bulwell · Bestwood Village · Brinsley · Hucknall · Kimberley · Eastwood ·  Papplewick · Linby · Watnall · Nuthall · Ravenshead · Swingate